General Surgery Information

  • Please do not feed your pet any solid food for at least 8 hours prior to their scheduled surgery except for rabbits and rodents
  • Please always offer fresh water.
  • Drop off time for anesthetic procedures is between 7-7:30 am the day of surgery.
  • Please fill out the corresponding online consent form at least 5 days prior to surgery to allow us to answer any questions you may have and expedite the intake process on the day of surgery.
  • We require up-to-date vaccinations on all elective surgical patients. While we can update these the day of surgery, we recommend they are current at least 2 weeks prior to their appointment for highest efficacy.
  • Discharge for dental and soft tissue procedures (spays, neuters, mass removals) is between 5-7pm the same day. Sometimes patients are ready to pick up earlier, our technicians will be in contact with you after the procedure is completed to give you a more precise discharge time.
  • Routine orthopedic surgeries are ready for up pick up at 6:30pm the same day.
  • We will email you patient and procedure specific discharge and aftercare instructions the day of surgery.
  • Please note that patients will be lethargic and sometimes confused the evening of their surgery as they continue to fully recover from anesthesia. We recommend that you have a quiet and safe space for them to spend the night after surgery.
  • It is normal for patients to not have an appetite the evening after surgery even though they have been fasted. This should be resolved approximately 24 hours after surgery.
  • It is normal for patients to not have a bowel movement for 48 hours post-surgery due to fasting and pain medications. If it has been longer than this and you are concerned, please contact us.

FOR DOGS: We recommend administering a mild sedative the night before AND the morning of surgery prior to drop off. This helps relieve any anxiety before their procedure and helps ensure a calm recovery from anesthesia. If you would like this for your dog, please contact us (for spays and neuters you can request on consent form) at least 5 days in advance and we will prepare the medication for you to pick up. Please note-we will need an approximate weight on your dog to dispense. 

FOR CATS: We administer a sedative in clinic immediately after intake for surgery. 

Payment Policy

  • For surgeries where the estimated fee is $1,500 or more, a 50% pre-payment is due at the time of intake (surgery drop-off), the remaining balance is then due at the time of pick-up after surgery. 
  • To learn more about our Payment Options, click here.