What do your Kitten Wellness Packages Include?

  • KittensWellness exam and consultation with veterinarian
  • Fecal parasite screen
  • Routine deworming
  • FVRCP vaccine
  • Rabies vaccine
  • 1 month of flea control
  • Leukemia vaccine* (included with Total Kitten Package)

*The leukemia vaccine is recommended initially for all kittens, continuing lifelong, if they will be going outdoors.

Package Pricing

We have 2 and 3 visit packages. We determine which package and how many visits based on your kitten’s age, lifestyle and any prior vaccinations. The doctor will discuss which package will be appropriate for your kitten.

For more information on taking advantage of these packages for your puppy, call us today

Online Pharmacy

For your convenience, our clinic offers an online pharmacy that is competitively priced and offers home delivery. To access the pharmacy, click here.