Dog Hike Rattlesnake VaccineShould your dog get the rattlesnake vaccine? 

While we do not have a problem with rattlesnakes in Western Washington, they are prevalent East of the mountains and in our neighboring states. If you travel during the spring and summer months to hike, camp, or even just use rest stops for potty breaks, your dog could be at risk of an encounter with a rattlesnake.

How does the rattlesnake vaccine for dogs work? 

At Salish Veterinary Hospital we offer the rattlesnake vaccine for your dog. The vaccine works by stimulating your dog's own immunity which can lessen the effects of the toxin and provide you more time to seek medical treatment, reduce the chances of prolonged treatment or death. The vaccine is given initially in a 2-part series then a booster shot is administered yearly at the start of the warm weather or before any potential snake exposure.

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